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 review by Ryan Whitwell

Dave Jackon Band at Blues at the Farm   Sat 23rd March 2013

Mesmerising guitar solos were in abundance as some songs took on a life of their own.  The set rumbled on like a heavy laden freight train.  One set...no nonsense.  This is how I like my music - heavy, low and then a bit and then a bit lower and heavier....an interesting character with great guitar playing talent and a great rock/blues voice

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review by Pete Feenstra, Features Editor

Get Ready to Rock

Top 5 gigs 2012 - No. 4   Dave Jackson Band at the 100 Club    7th Feb 2012

"The rhythm section roared and Dave made maximum use of his 'Marshall' stacks to take off like a '747' laying down his intense but fluid guitar lines eloquently to create an enveloping wall of sound"

A power trio...Dave Jackson is one part 'Kossoff' and one part 'Rodgers'.  They jammed like 'Cream' and sometimes ventured into a space rock wall of sound reminiscent of 'Hawkwind'.

Dave's vocals shift from the brusque to the soulful, as the arrangement dictates, as part of a laid back, groove laden set but with a razor-sharp musical edge that earned them a well-deserved encore. 

The highlight of the night was Dave's own anthem, 'Born Again Bluesman' and the tough drone boogie of 'No Pleasin You' 

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review by Pete Feenstra, Features Editor

Get Ready to Rock



Top 5 albums of 2011 - No. 5     Dave Jackson's 'Born Again Bluesman'

There's an inherent rawness and constant emphasis on the spontaneous that would make the likes of 'Hound Dog Taylor' smile and contemporary outfits like 'The Black Keys' and 'The White Stripes' look over their shoulder .....an exciting jammed out rock blues album.

The Dave Jackson Band is a kick-ass rock blues and boogie power trio that takes the music right back to its late 60's / early 70's source.  The band recalls the likes of 'The James Gang'; 'Cream' and inevitably 'Hendrix', (with 'Trower's' slight return), relying solely on an 'in the moment' jammed-out style that is rooted in a power house rock/blues format, given its shape by ten well crafted songs. 

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